The Domingo DeGrazia Spanish Guitar Band

Domingo DeGrazia Spanish Guitar Band. Domingo DeGrazia, Beth Daunis, Rick Skowron, Jim Pavett, Mark Brugler, Juan Barreda. Photo Jade Beall

The Domingo DeGrazia Spanish Guitar band blends Spanish guitar passion with the flair of Flamenco music. Violinist Beth Daunis brings etheric, gypsy-esque violin melodies that dance gracefully over the raw power of Domingo’s Spanish-infused guitar. The music couples dynamic rhythms with Jim Pavett’s vibrant Latin, Salsa and rock drum beats. The band includes Mark Brugler on bass guitar, Rick Skowron on guitar, and the virtuosic percussionist, Juan Barreda. The band has been writing and performing original songs that weave in elements of flamenco, pop, gypsy-folk, classical and latin music. Domingo’s guitar playing has charmed crowds with songs that are as rhythmic as they are percussive; moving with elegance from passionate to whimsical to sorrowful. The band’s stage presence is an experience in and of itself; their passion and talent leave audiences spellbound.