Domingo DeGrazia is a guitarist and song writer playing Spanish and classical guitar music. Teamed with violinist Beth Daunis and the DeGrazia band he performs public concerts and corporate events. Appearing on film and television, his music has reached across the globe and inspired music for Dancing with the Stars. Domingo DeGrazia was born and raised among the music and landscape of the Sonoran desert. The youngest son of famed artist Ted DeGrazia, Domingo’s passion for guitar carries on the family legacy for artistry and continues to impress music and art critics alike. Performing throughout the U.S., DeGrazia’s music embodies the experience of the Southwest and weaves a delicate tapestry through sound. For booking inquiries, please contact: DeGrazia Music LLC Join us on Pandora: DeGrazia Spanish Guitar


“Tres Ninas” – from the San Carlos, Spanish Guitar Cd 

“San Carlos” – from the San Carlos, Spanish Guitar Cd

“Un Poco Mas” – from the Nuance, Spanish Guitar Cd

“Brothers” – from the Nuance, Spanish Guitar Cd

“The Mocha Bean” – from The Bluest Sky, Guitar and Violin Cd

“The Bluest Sky” – from The Bluest Sky, Guitar and Violin Cd

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San Carlos Spanish Guitar CD
The Bluest Sky – Guitar and Violin
Domingo DeGrazia Classical Guitar Music

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The Paramount Live Music CD
Music from the Live Concert DVD

CD Song List
Nuance – Spanish Guitar CD
1.  Beach Song
2.  Canción Romántica
3.  Brothers
4.  La Pasión de Bulerias
5.  Danza de los Siete
6.  Un Poco Mas
7.  Nuevo Baile
8.  Once and Again
9.  Buscar a Alguien
10.  Mirage
11.  Nuance<

The Bluest Sky CD – Guitar and Violin

1.The Bluest Sky
2. Sisters
3. Sad Horse
4. Follow
5. The Mocha Bean
6. Scarborough Fair
7. Celtic Winds
8. Wind and Gold
9. Amazing Grace
10. April’s Fool
11. Dad’s Song

San Carlos – Spanish Guitar CD
1. Tres Ninas
2. Todo los Dias
3. San Carlos
4. December
5. Malaguena Intro
6. Malaguena
7. In Her Eyes
8. Red Sunrise
9. Old World
10. August Heat
11. Low Roll

Calendars – Classical Guitar CD
1. Bourree
2. Follow
3. Trace
4. Flow
5. Mother’s Song
6. Excel
7. Scarborough Fair
8. Thunderstorm
9.  Thunderstorm II
10. Calendars

Paramount Live music CD
1. Tres Ninas
2. Todo Los Dias
3. Tico Tico Fuba
4. Malaguena
5. The Mocha Bean
6. Neskowin
7. Red Sunrise
8. August Heat
9. Follow
10. Low Roll
11. Classical Gas
12. Explorations
13. La Danza
14. December

Music from the Live concert DVD
1. Tres Ninas
2. August Heat
3. Todo los Dias
4. In Her Eyes
5. The Mocha Bean
6. Red Sunrise
7. Rumores De La Caleta
8. La Pasion
9. Low Roll
10. Nuance
11. Classical Gas
12. Old World
13. Beach Song
14. Dad’s Song
15. Amazing Grace
16. La Danza
17. Malaguena
18. San Carlos
19. December